FREE Community Event

Culture Bazaar West 2023

Workington Academy 26th November 2023 12pm - 5pm

Come and celebrate the rich international heritage in Cumbria where 8% of the population heritage is from across the seven seas.  Share  food, music, dance, arts, crafts, games through performances and workshops. The world comes to Workington. With over 70 languages spoken in Cumbria Schools and over 80 nationalities living and working in Cumbria, let's share and make new friends and get involved!  This is a community event to share our similarities and celebrate our differences!

SCHEDULE for Culture Bazaar West at Workington Academy - Sunday 26th November 2023

Floor Map for Culture Bazaar West at Workington Academy - Sunday 26th November 2023

International Cake Day Competition

WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED at CULTURE BAZAAR WEST Workington Academy 26th November 2023 4pm

Deadline for entries has been extended to 22nd November 2023

The winning entries will be judged by none other than Cumbria’s own Great British Bake Off star Abbi Lawson, from Tebay.

For more information on the cake and writing competition and to enter, visit


The taste of Indian Street Food

Dosa Chaska

Join Dosa Chaska at Culture Bazaar West on a culinary adventure, where tradition meets innovation in every sizzle and sprinkle.

Experience the essence of South Indian cuisine with Dosa Chaska who will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen during Culture Bazaar West. Dosa Chaska is a family-run business who take pride in serving authentic dosas crafted with care, using time-honoured recipes and the finest ingredients. Dosa Chaska’s journey began with a simple idea: to bring the vibrant flavours of India’s streets to Whitehaven.

The taste of Indian Street Food

Vie's Jamaican Rum Cake

Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes were born out of a daughter’s desire to see her late mum’s baking legacy continue. Elaine (daughter) now produces the cakes based on her mum Vie’s original recipe in a commercial kitchen in Bowness-on-Windermere.

Dirty Dogs

A family-run hot food stall and they will be serving up the best gourmet hot dogs and Mexican nachos in West Cumbria at Culture Bazaar West. They will be based in the rear court year so make sure to check them out.

The Backyard Pizzaiolo

Homemade hand stretched Neapolitan style thin crust pizzas made with love by The Backyard Pizzaiolo. Check out the best pizzas in West Cumbria on Sunday 26th.

Tuck Shop

Multicultural Cumbria's fundraising stand

We'll be serving hot teas and coffees and soft drinks in the main canteen. All proceeds from sales made on the day go back into supporting the work we do.

Hot drinks, Cold drinks, Crisps and sandwiches.  Volunteer vouchers are used here too.

Syrian Food Demo

Watch and see how to make a simple dish, from local Syrian diaspora. Then taste the delicious results!

Syrian cuisine mainly uses eggplant, zucchini, garlic, meat (mostly from lamb and sheep), sesame seeds, rice, chickpeas, fava beans, lentils, cabbage, cauliflower, vine leaves, pickled turnips, cucumbers, tomatoes, olive oil, lemon juice, mint, pistachios, honey and fruits.

Afghani Food Demo

Watch and see how to make a simple dish, from local Afghani diaspora. Then taste the delicious results!

Afghans eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Common fruits include dates, melons and other dried fruits. Common vegetables include eggplant, spinach, potato, carrot, peas, onion, legumes, tomato, cucumber and lettuce. Fresh mint and coriander are also very common.

Ukraine Food Demo

Watch and see how to make a simple dish, from local Ukrainian diaspora. Then taste the delicious results!

The most famous traditional Ukrainian dishes are borshch, varenyky, holubtsi, Chicken Kyiv, banosh, and syrnyky,  Ukrainian dishes borshch, varenyky, holubtsy, Chicken Kyiv, banosh, and syrnyky.

Music & Dance

Bharatanatyam - Indian classical dance.

Jay Naveen Both male and female dancers perform this dance. The classical Indian story-dance can be used to express a complex range of emotions which respond to the actions of the male heroes. This classical Indian dance attracts interest and study in India and other parts of the world, including China Europe and North America

DJ Emmanuel Boateng

Enegetic, focussed and experienced DJ

Born in the UK with my parents  from West Africa, Ghana and Sierra Leone.  I have several strings to my bow as I am the director of JMA Occasions a CIC company setup in Cumbria to address and tackle Community and Social issues within Carlisle and its surrounding areas. This is done through positive and constructive events, workshops and discussions. 

African Dance Workshops and Performances

Joy Dale

Joy Dale is a Carlisle based African dancer who certainly lives up to her name and will lead you on an African journey - through traditional dance rituals, infectious earthy rhythms and all the latest moves, the sessions will connect your body, mind, and soul!  Joy will deliver an African dance workshop and will also perform at Culture Bazaar West.

Dhol Drumming and Bhangra dance Workshops

Punjabi Roots Academy bring the Punjab to Carlisle!

Punjabi Roots Academy offer a wide range of Indian creative arts and music workshops along with professional performances, here they can offer a range of interactive and engaging workshops which can be a ‘taster session’ or even a series of sessions leading up to a grand performance.

Indonesian Gamelan Orchestra

Blue Jam Arts

We are delighted Blue Jam will be at Culture Bazaar West where they will be performing and also delivering a Gamelan workshop. BlueJam Arts CIC is an innovative community music and arts organisation based in Penrith, Cumbria.  BlueJam Arts run a full programme of inclusive creative workshops, training, and professional and community performance activities and events – everything from 121 music lessons, a children’s orchestra and jazz jams to gamelan groups, painting sessions and gigs (and most things in between!).

British Clog Dancing

Carlisle Clog are a traditional clog and step dance side based in Carlisle, using traditional steps from the north of England. Carlisle Clog practice from 6.30pm on Mondays in Gaitsgill, and are open to new members. Help keep a traditional dance style alive! To find out more visit their Facebook page and send us a message

Clog dancing is most notably associated with the 19th century Lancashire cotton mills, with towns like Colne. It is here that the term 'heel and toe' was first used, derived from the changes made to the clog in the 1500s

Other Fun Stuff

Kite Making Workshop

We're delighted to have Helping Hands at Culture Bazaar West on Sunday. Helping Hands are running a fantastic kite making workshop with local artist, Abby Kilfedder from artscool Carlisle. Helping Hands is an ambitious volunteering project for Cumbria, that places you at the heart of your volunteering experience. Together with 45 partners, Helping Hands will improve your access to exciting volunteer opportunities within arts and heritage organisations across Cumbria. Kim from Helping Hands will be on hand at Sunday's event to help get you there.

Van De Graaff Generator

We’ll be exploring electric charge and it’s effects on our bodies and everyday items we bring along. This will result in some interesting effects including the levitation of objects and causing our hair to stand on-end. See the attached picture to see the results when a girl with long hair is charged up by the Van De Graaff generator

Make ‘Balloon Kebabs’

We’ll also bring some kit to show visitors how to make ‘balloon kebabs’. This is a trick which allows you to pierce inflatable items like balloons with a sharp object.. without popping them.

Badge Making Workshop

Pride in Cumbria

Based in Carlisle, Pride in North Cumbria is a charitable organisation that provides social.  Support services to LGBT+ people, aged between 13 and 25 years. Pride in North Cumbria will have a stall at Culture Bazaar West and will also be offering a fun badge making workshop.

International storytelling around fairy stories 30 minute workshops

Claire Griffel

The stories used come from across the world with familiar fairy stories adapted to suit today’s world.  Stories have the themes of friendship and love, diversity, cultural, social and personal differences and connections with different traditions. Children and their adults are invited to participate using musical instruments, to wear a storyteller’s cloak if they choose.  Magic dust available, lots of interesting objects which can be touched and held.  Read more

Stalls & Stands

Henna Art and Accessories

Swad's Henna Art and Accessories Henna is an Art that has been around for many many years bought to us from South Asia and the Middle East. Swad designs each henna pattern free hand as this is the most authentic way to do it.

Radio Cumbria

Visit the BBC Radio Cumbria at Culture Bazaar West stand you can find out more about the world of radio, learn how programmes and recordings are put together, have a chat and pick up a couple of freebies while you’re at it.

Eden Valley Hospice

Eden Valley Hospice

Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland

Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland

Hospice at Home West Cumbria

Hospice at Home West Cumbria

Age UK West Cumbria

Age UK West Cumbria is an independent charity working in West Cumbria to offer support and services to older people. Find out more about the amazing work they do across West Cumbria at Culture Bazaar West.

University of Sanctuary

The Universities of Sanctuary project is a national network of university staff, lecturers, academics and students. Together they work to make Higher Education institutions places of safety, solidarity and empowerment for people seeking sanctuary.

North West Ambulance Service

Provides emergency responders, patient transport and NHS 111 urgent care.

They’ll be on hand at Culture Bazaar West to tell you more about the life saving work they do.

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