Project Description

Culture Bazaar

This is our grand celebration of over 10 years of Culture Bazaar. The very first event took place in 2007.
Culture Bazaar

The most recent event saw over 4000 people attending over two days. We had 120 volunteers, including students from London campus.

We had the theme of ‘Wonderful World’ by being environmentally friendly. Guests were encouraged to bring their own water bottles, travel mugs and tableware. The disposables used were biodegradable for minimum input landfill waste. There were plenty of food stalls to buy International cuisine, from Indian to Goan to Syrian, and many food demonstrations. All were encouraged to use biodegradable disposable items.

The Culture Bazaar celebrates culture and heritage through food, music, dance, theatre, ames, arts & crafts. CB2020 had performances, workshops, stalls, stands and displays throughout the Magic Kingdom and its colourful lands with a professional artistic programme, community performance platform, workshops, craft and food stalls, community displays, and arts and crafts activities over 2 days.

We had performance from our artistic programme from Adam Russell’s Fairground Reminiscence in relation to the new Traveller and Showmen communities. This was our approach and engagement to make it accessible to enable communities to understand each other better through. Performing again after the Mini Culture Bazaar, story telling from Richard O’Neill allowed for engagement with the youngest audience members, helping them to understand themes of inclusion and identity.


Join our community of volunteers who have over the years ensured our community stands united and proudly together. There are lots of activities to get involved in, get in touch!