To strive towards an equitable multicultural society in Cumbria that supports ethnic diversity and societal cohesion. To focus on sustaining and sharing the heritages, cultures, values, beliefs and perspectives of diaspora people that have origins from different cultural backgrounds and promote inclusion throughout the wider community.


Our vision is to lead by working collaboratively with partners and organisations as we share our values of embracing multicultural integration and societal  cohesion.    We focus on the needs of our ethnically diverse communities to enable them to develop a sense of belonging and ownership of their rich heritage and culture in Cumbria. We work with individuals to develop community champions to inspire all diasporas to feel valued  and to promote inclusion  amongst the wider community.


  • We will empower diasporas to build their confidence through the arts to promote health and wellbeing. Enabling them to have the opportunities to recognise their own value and skill sets to have a positive contribution to society in Cumbria.

  • We will work with partners to share experience, resource and ideas in order to effectively deliver projects and communications in order to mutually benefit the communities.

  • We will work with other organisations providing specialist advice and services to ensure that there is equitable access to public information for hard-to-reach diasporas.

  • We will influence decision-makers to recognise the untapped resource within diasporas that live and work in Cumbria to boost the economy.

  • Through our work with partner organisations, we will promote Cumbria as a welcoming county which in turn will attract and retain diasporas that will enrich the community as a whole.

  • We will work collaboratively, at a strategic level, to create a heritage and culture center, encompassing a community cookery school and that will provide a platform to deliver an international arts festival.

  • We will educate the wider community so that everyone recognises the value of diasporas which will promote societal cohesion.


Multicultural Cumbria is committed to increase communication, tolerance & understanding of different cultures , heritages and race.


Celebrating world cultures through events and delivering social engagement projects throughout Cumbria.


Promoting integration & breaking down barriers, finding solutions, sharing similarities & differences to reduce intolerance & stereotyping.


Bridging gaps like language barriers between health services and communities to ensure better-placed support for the needs of individuals.

Support Our Cause

As a charity, we have to raise funds for local projects and core costs. Activities we deliver are:

Culture Bazaar – An annual multicultural event in Carlisle that averages 4,000 visitors over the February half-term weekend.

Targeted projects including dance, food, music, and art through social engagement and workshops to bring together people from all over the world and locals.

During Covid-19 Lockdown, we have produced Culture Club Magazine online, to share experiences, knowledge and skills to keep connected and raise awareness of the cultural diversity in Cumbria.


Join our community of volunteers who have over the years ensured our community stands united and proudly together. There are lots of activities to get involved in, get in touch!.