INTERNATIONAL CAKE DAY is on 26th November, which is also the same day as we are hosting the First CULTURE BAZAAR WEST, FREE community multicultural event.

Celebrate International Cake Day by designing and drawing a cake with an international twist! We would love you to write a story, either factual or fictitious, about your cake and the international theme behind your design. A wonderful opportunity to learn more about other countries, their history and heritage and the foods and fruits grown and eaten there.

For example your cake may be green with kiwi slices as a surprise filling, so the story may be about a confusion in New Zealand when you offer someone a slice of kiwi cake, as New Zealanders are also nicknamed Kiwis.

Draw your design, write your story, then send it through Google forms before the 17th November, ready for the winning presentation at Culture Bazaar West on 26th November.

Sharing our similarities and celebrating our differences.  Through International music, dance, food, art and lots more.  Bringing together the diasporas and local communities together to have a safe and friendly space to experience, feel and taste the world within their midst,  We have over 80 International heritages living and working in Cumbria.  With over 70 languages spoken in Cumbrian Schools.

We use the term Diaspora to identify people with international heritage.  It means “the dispersion or spread of a people from their original homeland”.  This includes second, third, fourth generations that retain their heritage through food, culture, traditions, dress and language. Our recent newbies have included refugee diasporas from Ukraine, Syria, Afghanistan to name a few. From the sixties The South Asian Diasporas came to work in the factories and the NHS, and setting up restaurants and takeaways.

8% of the residents are from diasporic, with history of refugees from Germany in World War 2 to Windermere and Italians in the early twentieth century.