Standing Together


Today​ we ask​ all our communities to unite and support each other in the face of division and hatred. We believe our communities should be safe places for all people and those who need help should be given it.

Multicultural Cumbria know tensions are rising in Carlisle, and across Cumbria and the UK around people seeking asylum being housed in local hotels.

 We are asking you and your neighbours to stand together in solidarity against hatred, to demonstrate the best of our city. A city that has a long and proud history of helping those in need, of supporting each other and being a place of safety.

There are of course legitimate concerns which we share about levels of homelessness, poor support for veterans, lack of social housing, crime and anti-social behaviour, safety for women and children and the cost of living crisis. These are concerns that should be voiced to those with the power to change things rather than allowing those with the least to become the scapegoats.

We condemn expressions of hatred and scaremongering and scapegoating -whether on social media, leaflets, or on marches and protests. History has shown us where this can lead, and it has no place in the UK today.

​For more information the following links from local organisations are available.

Email your organisations logo if you support our statement to and leave any comments.