Project Description

Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Saj Ghafoor

Saj is the Director of Strategy & Partnerships of Multicultural Cumbria and founder of Multicultural Cumbria and our most well-known event, Culture Bazaar. She is a wife and mother to four grown up children and five grandchildren.

Since 2005, she has applied her lived experience and business acumen into developing community links and promoting diversity through cultural awareness events and social celebrations through the arts and food. Saj’s personal life experience has equipped her with understanding cultural insight and awareness of the issues affecting different diasporas in Cumbria. This has inspired her to deliver projects that have empowered communities to engage, take ownership and share their unique cultural identities. Saj is well known and respected for her dedication and commitment as a passionate and versatile leader; a down-to-earth public speaker and an experienced community and cultural events organiser, who people find easy to relate to

Great contacts within education, third sector & local government, Deliver talks & discussions regarding Pakistan/ Indian culture, faith youth groups & community aspects in schools, organisations & community groups, fluent in English, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, she has also taught Indian Cookery in adult education

My aim was to always bring together communities.


Join Our Cause

As a charity, we have to raise funds for local projects and core costs. Activities we deliver are:

Culture Bazaar – An annual multicultural event in Carlisle that averages 4,000 visitors over the February half-term weekend.

During Covid-19 Lockdown, we have produced Culture Club Magazine online, to share experiences, knowledge & skills to keep connected and raise awareness of the cultural diversity in Cumbria


Join our community of volunteers who have over the years ensured our community stands united and proudly together. There are lots of activities to get involved in, get in touch!