Project Description

Mo Colohan

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Mo joined Multicultural Cumbria in July 2022. She has been a wonderful addition to the team and has been helping us plan for the future of the organisation.

Before coming to work with us, Mo ran her own business as a mindfulness and wellbeing consultant. She is the winner of a Barclay’s Business Award and even had the opportunity to present a psychological tool she developed at the World Conference of the Association of Behavioural and Contextual Science.

She will be surporting a workshop at this years Race 2B Conference with two Carlisle based Asylum Seekers. This workshop will be delivered by Abdel Abeed from Libya and Reza Shokri from Iran supported by Mo Colohan COO Multicultural Cumbria. They will discuss their lived experiences of coming to the UK and what it feels like to have ‘nowhere to go’ and escape is the only option. The reasons behind their need to leave their country of origin, will lead to discussion of their current circumstances and how we can collectively create places of sanctuary so they feel they do have safe places to go. There will be space for Q & A in this workshop.