Border City Greens FC plays ‘heart out’ in friendly clash at Gretna

Football and Food @The Station – 7pm – 8pm at Melbourne Park (Men 18+) on Wednesday from 15th May – 26th July.

Bringing together the diverse ethnicities in Carlisle to enjoy the relaxed space where Police and Fire services can learn about your culture and way of life through conversation while playing Carromboard, football and sharing a meal.

Come join us for fun-filled evening sessions of football at Melbourne and then delicious international food made fresh at The Station from 8.15pm ! Whether you’re a sports enthusiast or just looking to socialise more with diasporas, this event at Carlisle East Fire Station is perfect for diasporas ( including migrants, asylum seekers). Bring your competitive spirit for some friendly matches on the field and board games indoors. And don’t forget to refuel with some tasty bites to keep you going throughout the evening. See you there!