Bruxelles Déclaration, “Pledge to Peace.”

In September 2020 Multicultural Cumbria signed the Declaration of Intent “Pledge to Peace” along with fellow organisation COS (Celebrate our similarities). This European Parliament initiative aims to promote peace within communities, internationally, by building a network of people who have a “shared vision of the value of peace, who have the potential to create, promote and communicate tangible projects and initiatives.” 

This aligns completely with Multicultural Cumbria’s mission to work towards an equitable multicultural society. We always have and always will ensure that our projects and events will endorse peaceful and unified engagement, as we continue to support and honour the ‘Pledge to Peace’.

The International Day of Peace was first established in 1981 by the United Nations General Assembly, which will now be observed around the world on 21 September, each year. 

The Bruxelles Declaration “Pledge to Peace” was first established in the European Parliament on 28 November 2011; whilst on the very same day there were:  

Armed conflicts and attacks

International relations

Politics and Elections


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