Yesterday our Hero of the Day was Richard.

Richard saved the day when all was packed and ready for loading on Tuesday 15th March. It then came to light that there is no forklift available.

A call was made to Richard late that evening at 8.30pm and he agreed to bring the forklift to Iceland on Lowther Street the next morning.

All was set and ready to depart for Poland yesterday, where the much needed aid is required and people are getting desperate for help by the minute.

This has been a tremendous collation of devoted volunteers, communities, organisations, businesses, individuals, statutory bodies that has made this all come into action.


The War in Ukraine started three weeks ago and at the time no one was prepared for the humanitarian crisis that we are witnessing through the media daily.

We are all feeling helpless but have the urge to make it all right for all those fleeing their home and those who have decided to stay and not leave their home in Ukraine.

Their rights to basic necessities have been taken from them and they are relaying on help from neighbouring nations and countries who are waking up to peace and normality daily.


Many people around the County have been gathering donations, fundraising, creating awareness to do something to help.

Krystian Kricki, owner of Dino’s polish shop has been amongst the many who wanted to send aid over to Poland where many Ukrainians are taking shelter.

He started collection for donations and with the help of amazing, dedicated volunteers the operation to send the goods over to Poland came into action.


Laura Cooper (volunteer) with Krystian Kricki

Volunteers in Iceland Store

Loading the truck for Poland


Many people and organisations have collated together and provided the necessary. This is from transport from Jenkinsons in Penrith, Vacant Iceland store on Lowther Street for storage and packing, endless volunteer help from CRAG and its team, Stobart’s at Carlisle Airport, Scouts, from Carlisle, the list is endless.

However, our Hero, Richard from Woodmass Agri Carlisle (Agricultural Contractors), came to rescue the day with the forklift.

All was loaded and sent to Poland yesterday.


Jenkinsons Truck ready for departure to Poland



Things happen when people Unite. And that is what Cumbrians do best!

A huge thank you to every person who has participated in this operation coming together. Every individual’s contribution is helping achieve the results.

During next week the remaining donations will be packed and transported from a new venue (details to follow).

Discussion with the Support Ukraine Network will take place to establish how and where to move forward.


Help is still needed the team at Dino’s.

They have asked for a call out for much needed boxes, so the pallets can be stacked evenly for the donations.

The boxes needed will be 400cm wide.

Dino’s have stated that they do not need clothes apart from good quality Baby clothes and Men socks.

All else required is as follows:

Items needed most:

  • Food (dry & tinned)
  • Baby Food & Milk (priority)
  • Babies products
  • Good Quality Baby clothes
  • Mens Socks
  • Chargers & Power packs
  • Cleaning/Washing products
  • Medical supplies
  • First Aid kits


Polish Shop Dino,

2W Tower Street