Project Description

Shamsher Chohan

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Shamsher Chohan is the Creative Director at Communities Inc and has worked with a range of diverse communities experiencing discrimination for over 30 years. She was the first Chief Executive of the BME East Midlands Network, Voice East Midlands and a founding member of the national BME infrastructure organisation Voice4Change England.

Shamsher developed the Stand by Me (SBM) program, with support from, to engage more people in tackling hate and prejudice, by focussing on what bystanders or witnesses can do if incidents happen in their environment, whether this is in neighborhoods, workplaces or educational settings.

Stand by Me allows everyone to play a role in creating safer more inclusive environments and provides a range of interventions from directly challenging perpetrators to more subtle expressions of disapproval.

Stand by Me has been adapted to tackle racism, misogyny, homophobia and other forms of hate.

Communities Inc are one of the main training providers of Bystander Intervention training and were awarded the Upstanding Organisation Award (for tackling hatred, intolerance and prejudice) in 2016 in the first ever National Hate Crime Awards.