Project Description

Janet Cresswell
Chief Executive Officer

Janet Joins the Multicultural Team as it’s new Chief Executive Officer (May 2024)

I am particularly passionate about promoting inclusion and equity, values that have been central to my career in community development. This commitment is exemplified through my role in mentoring and providing business advice at The Millin Charity. The charity focuses on empowering women, especially those from ethnic minority backgrounds, by boosting their confidence and assisting them in establishing their own businesses through tailored training, workshops, and personalised guidance.

I have collaborated with Crossings, an organisation that offers music lessons and social support to refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants, aiding their integration into the community through peer assistance, concerts, and facilitating connections with other groups.

My diverse experience spans various organizations and projects, emphasising my adeptness at managing priorities effectively. In both charity management roles and freelance ventures.

My aim was to always bring together communities.


Join Our Cause

As a charity, we have to raise funds for local projects and core costs. Activities we deliver are:

Culture Bazaar – An annual multicultural event in Carlisle that averages 4,000 visitors over the February half-term weekend.

During Covid-19 Lockdown, we have produced Culture Club Magazine online, to share experiences, knowledge & skills to keep connected and raise awareness of the cultural diversity in Cumbria


Join our community of volunteers who have over the years ensured our community stands united and proudly together. There are lots of activities to get involved in, get in touch!