WINNERS of the International Cake Day School Art Competition

International Cake Day 26th November 2023

Celebrating Culture Bazaar West 2023 - Multicultural Cumbria

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Nayah McDonald

Overall Winner

Plumbland C of E School

Teigan Miller


Plumbland CofE School

Peace Bunny

I chose this cake to be the overall winner for many reasons. Firstly, I thought the name of the cake was really inspiring along with the vibrant bright design that caught my eye. Nayah has really put time and effort into thinking about the colour, shape and the name of the cake giving the overall design a deeper meaning. The cake symbolises 3 extremely special messages: Peace, Luck & Grounded.

Kirbie Mifsud

McMenon Engineering Services Limited

Buzzy Bee Cake

I chose this cake because I love how it looks and I especially love what it represents. It’s so vibrant and colourful, and then each part of it represents something special! The combined elements of hearts for peace, diamonds for sharing wealth, and the bees to remember our incredible pollinators are all things that I think are really important. It’s clearly a cake that represents being passionate about our planet and the people and animals living on it! Pink and green are fantastic colours to choose for a showstopping cake like this one, and the addition of orange as the colour of happiness makes me feel happy when I’m looking at it as well!
Abbi Lawson
The Great British Bake Off 2023 Contestant

Ayomide Odunsi

KS2 Winner

Bransty Primary School

Harvey Cliffe

KS3 Winner

Workington Academy

Go Rabih Mait Agat (Thank You in Irish)

I chose this cake because I love the detail of the clover, terrain, flag and even the traditional breakfast.  This cake uses a variety of colours and the name of the cake translates to Thank you!  It was lovely to read how this design is inspired by spending time baking with mum, while chocolate is always a firm favourite! I loved the purple icing oozing down the sides which reminded me of an ice capped mountain.  It evoked a vision of family, culture, tradition, heritage and language that was thoughtful in the sweetest way!

Saj Ghafoor OBE
CEO of Multicultural Cumbria

The Elegant Skull Cake

I chose this cake because I loved the story that Harvey wrote to go alongside it, and the design is really bold and eye-catching. The white skull background with the black eyes and colourful features really make the cake stand out! It’s clear that Harvey has done a lot of research about Dia de Muertos and is representing Mexican culture really beautifully in this cake. The story of Jimbo going to the ofrendas and seeing the photo of his grandmother and remembering her love of baking was really lovely and touching! I also think the flavours of delectable vanilla and strawberry jam and cream are a lovely classic combination, and I would definitely want to eat it.
Abbi Lawson
The Great British Bake Off 2023 Contestant