International Food

Local diasporas will be creating traditional food that they eat in their homes and social events.
This project is inviting people from Black, Asian and minority groups to join us and share their cuisine.
We are looking at cuisines from Pakistan, Ghana, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Eritrea and more during this 12 week project.
Feel free to bring along soft drinks and refreshments and share the flavours of the world.
Across all faiths, cultures, traditions, and countries, sustenance stands as a universal thread.

International Food @The Station – 8pm – 9pm at Carlisle East Fire Station, Durranhill in Carlisle

Within the alchemy of meals lies the magic of camaraderie, compassion, and exchanges that echo the essence of our shared humanity. Food transcends mere sustenance to become a symphony for the senses, weaving itself into the tapestries of diverse cultures and legacies across the globe. The act of dining together harmonises souls and fosters humility.

Through the banquet of life, we find common ground and forge bonds with strangers turned friends. Nourishment acts as an adhesive, binding us together as we savour authentic global cuisines and marvel at the culinary artistry that leaves us spellbound. Let us revel in the joy of feasting and fellowship.