The Culture Bazaar is a unique and important event that brings people together from different under-represented groups to celebrate and promote cultural diversity and community cohesion. By donating to this event, you will be supporting a valuable cause that helps to bring people from different backgrounds together, fostering understanding and appreciation for different cultures.

One of the main goals of the Culture Bazaar is to showcase the rich and diverse cultures that make up our communities. By providing a platform for these cultures to be celebrated and appreciated, the event helps to break down stereotypes and prejudices, and promotes a greater understanding and acceptance of differences.

In addition to promoting cultural understanding, the Culture Bazaar also promotes community cohesion. By bringing people together from different backgrounds, the event helps to build stronger, more connected communities. This is particularly important in today’s world, where division and divisiveness often seem to be the norm.

Donating to the Culture Bazaar is an easy and effective way to support this important event and its goals. Whether you are able to give a small or large donation, your support will help to ensure that the Culture Bazaar continues to be a valuable and meaningful event for years to come.

So why not to support the event and donate today, and be a part of the community that promotes cultural diversity, community cohesion and understanding. Your donation will not only support the event but also help to bring people together, build stronger communities and promote a more tolerant and accepting world.

Support Our Cause
Please help Multicultural Cumbria to increase the opportunities for International diasporas to showcase the wealth of cultures and heritage within Cumbria to integrate and harness the untapped resource that minoritised people are valued for what they bring to society.
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