More About Carromboard

More about Carromboard

A Carromboard is a square smooth flat wooden board that can be on average approximately 32″ square board which should be positioned 60 – 70cm above the ground. In each corner is a circular hole and underneath each hole is a net to catch the pieces in a similar way to a snooker table. Using small discs to pot into the nets is a cross between snooker and air hockey.

The game of carrom originated in India. The carrom was originated in the 18th century, invented by the Indian maharajas. From many generations, the carrom board game has been played. After the First World War, the game of carromboard gained more popularity. It is an ideal game to play at home because it has definite size and a simple design..

One Carromboard with its surface made of glass is still available in one of the palaces in Patiala, India. It became very popular among the masses after World War I.

Family and friends play Carromboard


What is Carromboard?
Carrom is a tabletop game which is a cross between Pool and air hockey. The game of Carrom is played by propelling discs and potting them into the four corner pockets on a wooden playing board.
What are the fouls in carrom?
If you strike any piece hard enough that it moves out of the board then it is a foul. If the last pieces are struck to the pocket before the queen is then it is considered foul. If the player has not kept the striker in the proper position and within the line, then it is considered a foul.
How to play Carromboard?
A turn consists of one or more strikes. A player wins by pocketing all of the pieces of their chosen colour first. However, neither player can win until one or other player has “covered the Queen”. To cover the Queen, a player must pocket one of her own pieces immediately after pocketing the Queen.
Can we play Ludo at these sessions?
Of course, bring your ludo board along and invite others to play
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Volunteer home cooks and pro chefs will prepare the food, so every week the food will be from different countries in the world, from middle east, south Asia and Africa. The meals are not set and are open for enthusiastic community cooks to cook meals for up to 45 people a week.